[odb-users] Support for std::vector<unsigned char> and arrays

Chris Richards chris.richards at yellowfeather.co.uk
Wed Nov 2 13:24:37 EDT 2011


Although ODB supports mapping the std::vector<char> type to the MySQL 
BLOB and BINARY types it doesn't seem to support std::vector<unsigned 
char>, standard arrays or boost arrays. See the class declaration below:

#pragma db object
class test
   #pragma db id
   int id;

   #pragma db type("BINARY(16)")
   std::vector<char> buffer1; // OK

   #pragma db type("BINARY(16)")
   std::vector<unsigned char> buffer2; // not OK

   #pragma db type("BINARY(16)")
   unsigned char buffer3[16]; // not OK

   #pragma db type("BINARY(16)")
   boost::array<unsigned char, 16> buffer4; // not OK

Is it possible to work around, or add support, for these data types?


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