[odb-users] Memory leaks with odb/mysql/database.hxx

Alexey Afanasyev aphongka at gmail.com
Thu Mar 10 10:31:18 EST 2011

Hi Boris,

On Thu, Mar 10, 2011 at 1:34 PM, Boris Kolpackov
<boris at codesynthesis.com> wrote:
> Also, which platform are you trying this on? If you are on Linux, you
> may want to try valgrind. In fact, we extensively test every release
> for memory leaks with this tool. So I would be very surprised if the
> boost/test report is not bogus.

Unfortunately, it is VS2008. Actually, it was visual studio crt which
reported memory leaks. For some reason, VS does not report any issue
when I debug inside the IDE, but when I run an executable from command
line, it does.

It seems to be a kind of tricky interaction between crt, boost/test
and odb. I still have not found the reason.

I have created a simple VS2008 solution which does not require any
real database but shows the memory leak issue. If you have an
opportunity to take a look (you need VS & boost) I'd send it to you.
Is it OK to post it as an attachment in the list or shall i sent it in


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