[odb-users] Adding support for Firebird

Boris Kolpackov boris at codesynthesis.com
Tue Jun 7 06:02:23 EDT 2011

Hi Tony,

Tony Rietwyk <tony.rietwyk at rightsoft.com.au> writes:

> I saw your announcement of the Qt profile on the Qt mailing list. I 
> particularly like the way that ODB does the queries.

Thanks, I am glad you like it.

> How hard would it be to add support for Firebird?

ODB uses native C APIs to access the database in order to minimize
dependencies and overhead as well as to gain access to all the available
functionality. Because of this, supporting a new database requires
some effort. The code is not very complex (unless the database does
something very unusual) but there is quite a bit that needs to be
handled. We have a high-level roadmap for adding support for a new
database. I can send it to you if your are interested.

> I don't know either MYSQL or SQLLITE.  I notice that Boris has
> committed something about Postgres.

Yes, PostgreSQL support is currently in development and will be
available in the next release of ODB which should be out in 3-4

> I would be happy to help with a Firdbird port.

Firebird support is not in our short-term plans though we would
like to have it supported at some point. This means that if you
want to add Firebird support now, you will have to do most of the
work yourself. Of course, we will be there to answer the questions,
etc., but you will have to take the lead on this. Let me know if
you would like to discuss this further.


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