[odb-users] Error building - libodb-boost-1.5.0 with VC++

Boris Kolpackov boris at codesynthesis.com
Tue Jul 26 14:27:12 EDT 2011

Hi Dan,

Dan Coffey <dcoffey at netharmonix.com> writes:

> VC++ properties - VC++ Directories:
>  * D:\Development\C++\ODB-1.5.0\odb-1.5.0-i686-windows\mingw\include
>  * D:\Development\C++\ODB-1.5.0\odb-1.5.0-i686-windows\mingw\lib\gcc\i686-mingw32\4.5.1\include
>  * D:\Development\C++\ODB-1.5.0\odb-1.5.0-i686-windows\mingw\lib\gcc\i686-mingw32\4.5.1\include\c++
>  * D:\Development\C++\ODB-1.5.0\odb-1.5.0-i686-windows\mingw\lib\gcc\i686-mingw32\4.5.1\include\c++\i686-mingw32
>  * D:\Development\C++\ODB-1.5.0\odb-1.5.0-i686-windows\mingw\lib\gcc\i686-mingw32\4.5.1\include\c++\tr1

I don't understand we you insist on adding these directories to the
compiler's search paths (you have done similar things before when
trying to build for MinGW). You are definitely not instructed to
do so by any documentation that comes with ODB.

The odb-1.5.0-i686-windows\mingw directory is the ODB compiler's
implementation detail. You never need to reference any of the paths
in this directory. Try to imagine it does not exist ;-).


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