[odb-users] Can one use ODB with Classes generated by XSD?

B Hart bhartsb at gmail.com
Fri Jul 22 13:50:24 EDT 2011

Hello Boris,

I have a large Schema that I compiled with XSD (tree).  This allows me to
nicely read in corresponding XML data.  Now I'm faced with the task of
populating an existing DB with the data.  However, their are difficulties:
1) There are new elements that are not currently stored in the DB, so tables
and columns will have to be manually added, 2) there is not a nice mapping
between all of the Schema elements and the corresponding DB
table/column...i.e.. some of the element data may have to be modified or
combined to go into a DB field, and the document that specifies the mappings
is incomplete (this means I have to look through hundreds of tables to
"figure out" where data goes, for hundreds of elements).  3) Once I figure
out the mapping I have to then add the code manually to populate the DB with
the data.

The DB is a MS SQL DB and right now ODB doesn't support MS SQL.  However, it
might be worth switching to MySQL if it were possible and reasonable to run
ODB against the classes that XSD creates in order to create a correspond
MySQL DB Schema and the code to populate it.  Then I could read in the XML
dataset with the XSD generated code and populate and work with the DB with
ODB generated code.

What are your thoughts.


Brian Hart

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