[odb-users] Inheritance

Boris Kolpackov boris at codesynthesis.com
Mon Jul 11 07:37:24 EDT 2011

Hi Jan,

Kuentzer, Jan <jan.kuentzer at roche.com> writes:

> > You will then need to use the load_employee() function to load the ceo_
> > pointer. For the next release of ODB we have added support for user
> > callbacks. This feature will allow you to handle such loading
> > transparently.
> [...] The additional object id and the transient pointer are necessary
> because the pointer would be loaded as an employee by ODB?

Yes, that's correct. If you use the standard ODB behavior, then it
will always try to load employee regardless of the actual type.

> You said the next release will support polymorphic object relationship
> and/or transparent loading.

No, I never said the next release will support polymorphic inheritance 
or polymorphic object relationships. The next release will support use
callbacks which will allow you to load a pointer to employee (or vector
of such pointers) polymorphically and transparently using the 
"type code + id" method I described in my previous email.

> Can you already say when you plan to release the next version? A 
> few weeks or next year?

ODB 1.5.0 should be out in a few weeks.


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