[odb-users] [BUG] Missing paths in Automake build system files

Boris Kolpackov boris at codesynthesis.com
Wed Nov 3 08:11:51 EDT 2010

Hi Amr,

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Amr Ali <amr.ali.cc at gmail.com> writes:

> After I thought about it I came to appreciate how you made the templates so you
> won't have to change the build system every time you make a change to the source
> code.

Right, plus, we don't have to change things in multiple places (autotools,
project files for a couple of VC++ versions, etc). All this is auto-generated
from a single source.

> However, think about it this way, since the ORM repos are now submodules
> for my project repository, people would clone the main repository and expect to
> run bootstrap/configure/make and have all the submodules and the main project
> ready to be used (Of course there will be binary packages, but that is aside
> from the point) so I want that to be as easy as it can be.
> My suggestion is (if possible) to have your repository bundled with the fully
> working bootstrapped buildtools system.

Hm, that is something that we would like to avoid. Generation of the
"secondary" build systems from the "primary" one is not something that
we do during normal development and it takes some time. Also storing
auto-generated things in the repository is generally a bad idea. Not
sure what can be done here. Do you have to have ODB as submodules of
your project? Can't they be external dependencies like, say, GCC?


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