Code Synthesis is a systems software development company with a focus on build systems, object persistence, domain-specific languages (DSL) and their mappings, compiler design, code generation, and source-to-source translation for the C++ programming language.

Our products cater for a broad, embedded-to-server class of applications and are used in a wide range of industries, including aerospace, defense, telecommunications, finance, high-performance computing, biotech, and integrated circuit design. Teams at world-leading technology companies rely on our development tools and expertise to invent and build the future's most ambitious software systems, such as satellite navigation, high-energy physics experiments, warfare operation support, and DNA sequencing. All our products are open-source software and we invite you to try them in your projects.


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CodeSynthesis XSD 4.2.0 released Oct 05, 2023
This release contains a large number of bug fixes and minor improvements that have accumulated over the years. Additionally, in this version the default C++ standard that is used by the generated code was changed from C++98 to C++11. Note also that this will be the last version that supports C++98.
ODB 2.5.0 beta 25 published Jul 31, 2023
This pre-release is compatible with GCC 13 and adds support for custom table definition options in addition to column definition options. The installation instructions now contain steps for installing offline.
build2 0.16.0 released Jul 04, 2023
The two main areas of focus in this release are the system package manager integration and more advanced functionality for more complex projects. The system package manager support includes both consumption and production of binary distribution packages, including uploading them from the CI builds. This support required a large amount of ground work which produced functionality useful in its own right, such as relocatable installations, installation filtering, and installation manifests. The more advanced functionality includes built-in support for the Objective-C/C++ and Assembler with C Preprocessor (.S) compilation, dynamic target extraction in addition to prerequisites, and support for buildfile importation.
ODB 2.5.0 beta 23 published Aug 02, 2022
This pre-release is compatible with GCC 12 and adds support for for the --std c++20 option value and includes a number of bug fixes.
build2 0.15.0 released Jul 28, 2022
The overall theme of this release is more advanced functionality that is becoming necessary as we start to use build2 to handle more complex projects. Specifically, the package manager now supports a number of more advanced dependency declaration features, including conditional dependencies, dependency alternatives, and dependency configuration. On the build system side we now have rule hints, support for dynamic dependencies in ad hoc recipes, and the ability to save user metadata in C/C++ libraries.
ODB 2.5.0 beta 21 published Oct 27, 2021
This pre-release is compatible with GCC 11 and adds support for bulk operations in PostgreSQL 14 as well as attached databases in SQLite.
build2 0.14.0 released Oct 19, 2021
The main focus of this release is support for build-time dependencies and the host/target configuration split that it necessitates. This support required a large amount of ground work which produced functionality useful in its own right, such as hermetic builds and configuration linking. Another notable new feature is ad hoc regex pattern rules.
ODB 2.5.0 beta available Mar 19, 2019
The latest 2.5.0 beta of the ODB compiler and runtime libraries can now be built and installed on all the major platforms (Linux, Windows, and Mac OS) from source packages available in the build2 repository.
build2 0.10.0 released Mar 19, 2019
Coming shortly after 0.9.0, this is more of a maintenance release that nevertheless includes a good number of new features. It was also an opportunity to hone our release process with the overall goal of increasing the release cadence.
build2 — C++ Build Toolchain February 3, 2016
build2 is an open source, cross-platform toolchain for building and packaging C++ code. It includes a build system, package manager, and repository web interface. We've also started, a public repository of open source C++ packages.

This is the first alpha release and currently it is more of a technology preview rather than anything that is ready for production.

ODB 2.4.0 released February 11, 2015
Major new features in this release include support for bulk operations in Oracle and SQL Server, the ability to join and load multiple objects with a single SELECT statement execution (object loading views), as well as support for calling stored procedures in MySQL and SQL Server. This release also adds support for Visual Studio 2013, including project/solution files for all the runtime libraries, examples, and tests.
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