CodeSynthesis XSD Download

The XSD runtime library and generated code depend on existing libraries for XML parsing. The C++/Tree mapping can be used with Xerces-C++ as the underlying XML parser and the C++/Parser mapping supports Xerces-C++ and Expat. Most GNU/Linux distributions provide precompiled binary packages for Xerces-C++ and Expat. The Xerce-C++ project also provides precompiled libraries for a wide range of platforms and compilers which can be obtained from the Xerces-C++ download page. Note that the .msi package of XSD for Windows includes precompiled Xerces-C++ libraries (32 and 64 bit) for Visual Studio .NET 2003 (7.1), Visual Studio 2005 (8.0), Visual Studio 2008 (9.0), and Visual Studio 2010 (10.0).

The XSD compiler is a complex software package with many dependencies and, on some platforms, a non-trivial build procedure. We therefore recommend that you use the precompiled binary distributions listed below. They contain the XSD compiler binaries for various platform as well as the source code for the runtime library and examples. The XSD runtime is a header-only library and does not require compilation. If you don't see a binary for your platform, let us know and we will build one for you.

If you choose to build the XSD compiler yourself, you can find the source code along with the build instructions on the XSD project page.

OS/Kernel CPU Arch Package Format Current Version Notes
AIX PowerPC .tar.gz xsd-3.3.0-powerpc-aix.tar.gz
sha1: 5beddcc360ca7916535f864c8fb8a661f6af5ce8
GNU/Linux x86 .deb xsd_3.3.0-1_i386.deb
sha1: 51b31adc735f0f6c93b2a8bdf7d7802e4884487b
.rpm xsd-3.3.0-1.i686.rpm
sha1: e818219a1f3acd2735aa1799bdd4873c3141f998
.tar.bz2 xsd-3.3.0-i686-linux-gnu.tar.bz2
sha1: 01f2462d04b3b2978aba2e8bb26305b4ba868e9d
x86-64 .deb xsd_3.3.0-1_amd64.deb
sha1: b9d87369a9437c350be9cb9200e89b5b4fe1252e
.rpm xsd-3.3.0-1.x86_64.rpm
sha1: 4922c6a0609039033d780222badaa78700137e6e
.tar.bz2 xsd-3.3.0-x86_64-linux-gnu.tar.bz2
sha1: f265131eee1f3565041758fca457d9016a634dc6
HP-UX IA-64 .tar.gz xsd-3.3.0-ia64-hpux.tar.gz
sha1: c580d1a0c9efdd9ac00d554569c43c8be979a0aa
PA-RISC .tar.gz previous version
sha1: ba0054f4cb64206e851a6304966725adf0d801fb
Mac OS X x86 .tar.bz2 xsd-3.3.0-i686-macosx.tar.bz2
sha1: d5d98d219489239e7007e88365ca3d3ecec95aad
PowerPC .tar.bz2 xsd-3.3.0-powerpc-macosx.tar.bz2
sha1: afa97317653f8438bcea32f73d9ee3f3ce57cf40
Solaris SPARC .tar.gz xsd-3.3.0-sparc-solaris.tar.gz
sha1: daac8faadb264d01b1f035a59d0f762c5f31c8c6
.tar.gz xsd-3.3.0-i686-solaris.tar.gz
sha1: 9be1e8468dd6bb180a877143044bf07918a74aac
Windows x86
.msi xsd-3.3.msi
sha1: 1a8ba5efced26c7b596b9eaa321246740d2f3e57
Includes Xerces-C++ (32 and 64 bit)
sha1: 4d5ed0f88b2ac45fb596b5e56bb1169f3ad19550